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I have been passionate about hats since I first attended the Diane Longines Racing event in 2013. Coming from the world of trading and financial markets, I was so fascinated by this spectacular universe, that I have been learning the art of hat making for the past 10 years. 


I have learnt millinery with the best artisans from France, England and Australia and had a chance to put my knowledge into practice while working on a defile collection for Lanvin and creating bespoke pieces for weddings and special events.


Through time I realized that although these exquisite pieces were still worn for special occasions, less and less women were wearing hats on a daily basis. Moreover, I couldn’t find any beautiful, high quality hats that I would personally love to wear on the ready-to-wear market. So it was time for me to give back to this great accessory  the place it deserves in our wardrobes. And this is how DILARA LATROUS headwear brand was born.




In this world of grown uncertainty, I stand for timeless values of beauty, elegance and refinement.

I create hats based on long fashion trends, the hats that will never be too much with your casual outfit, and that will delicately complement your dressed up looks.

In a world that craves attention, I believe in the power of subtle elegance and quiet confidence. No need to shout about who you are; your presence can speak volumes with a gentle whisper.

By means of my hats I aim to translate my vision and give women the means to effortlessly look elegant in any occasion.




The core of my collection is conceived to become a little black dress of your headwear wardrobe. Perfectly shaped and trimmed with refinement, my hats will elevate your look and add a touch of chic when you need it the most.


These hats are not a simple protection from the sun, just like shoes are not there to only avoid us walking barefoot. My hats are a statement making accessory that can tell a great deal about who you are and what you aspire to be. 


We, women are always busy. We are restless. We have hundreds of things to do and we always lack time. And as a woman I want us to have more time for the most important things in our lives, more time to dedicate to our true goals and values.  So, I create hats, that will instantly transform your outfit into that of a lady and save you hours of thinking about what to wear to look stunning but never too much. 


Just put your DL hat on and keep your head up high on the way to your dreams.



I strongly believe that if we love ourselves enough to only accept the best in everything we consume, we will make this world a better place. We will no longer buy the “not bad” and “why not”. We will only have what reflects who we are today and  what brings us closer to who we want to become in the future.


I create hats that you will LOVE. I carefully choose straws that will be used in my collection, opting for intricate colors and weaves that make our hats look different but never too much.


All our hats are entirely made in our Parisian atelier.


We lovingly hand-shape them on wooded blocks to preserve the natural aspect and texture of each straw.


We add an haute couture gros-grain ribbon inside for your ultimate comfort.


And we trim our hats with luxurious French silks and fine details: on top of looking good on your head I want these hats to be a beautiful object on their own, that you will take pleasure to touch, possess and contemplate.


We combine the fundamental techniques of male and female hatmaking.​

​Dozens of hours of work in our Parisian workshop are necessary to design a perfect new shape, find the association of textures and colors, take into account all the technical nuances of hat creation.


For our creations we only use high quality materials.


It is with great care that we select our felts produced manually in Europe. Our silks with deep and nuanced colors are made in France.

Swarovski crystals known for their unparalleled brilliance are used in the decoration of our Headpieces.

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