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Having learned the art of hat making with the best milliners of England and Australia, Dilara has longtime exercised as a milliner, creating exclusive pieces for individual clients and haute couture brands such as Lanvin.

Driven by desire to bring couture hats to the street, she launches her brand of hats for daily life in 2020. Combining easy-to-wear designs with the sophistication and refinement of couture headwear, she creates modern yet timeless hats and headpieces.

The very first collection meets an immediate success, being commissioned by Fortnum & Mason in London, Printemps in Paris and many other luxury boutiques and individual clients worldwide.





Dilara Latrous is a French headwear brand that brings the elegance and luxury of couture hats into daily life of modern women. Our hat collection combines easy-to-wear styles with precious and rare materials to create an irresistible headwear and elevate women’s outfits everyday. For us, a hat is not just a protection from the sun, it is a key piece of each outfit. By means of our hats we offer women a new means to assert their style and express who they truly are in the most elegant way. All our hats are entirely handmade in our Parisian atelier. Each hat is hand-moulded on wooden hat blocks, no machinery has been used to preserve the natural aspect of the precious materials we use.  All our shapes were sculpted and elaborated personally by Dilara Latrous, which makes them one of a kind and unique to our brand.


We combine the fundamental techniques of male and female hatmaking.​

​Dozens of hours of work in our Parisian workshop are necessary to design a perfect new shape, find the association of textures and colors, take into account all the technical nuances of hat creation.


For our creations we only use high quality materials.


It is with great care that we select our felts produced manually in Europe. Our silks with deep and nuanced colors are made in France.

Swarovski crystals known for their unparalleled brilliance are used in the decoration of our Headpieces.

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